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Watch Prime Video offline with this easy tip.

How to Watch Prime Video Offline with a Kindle Fire Tablet

One of the coolest features of the $50 Kindle Fire tablet that I own is the ability to watch Prime video offline with a quick download. You won’t get that from Netflix on any device.

It takes a bit of searching around to find out how to make this happen, so I figured it would be a good thing to share the steps to watch Prime Video offline here.

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Finding Recently Played Radio Station in Apple Music Find that great station once again.

How to find a Recently Played Radio Station in Apple Music

I was listening to the Chill radio station on Apple Music today and I went to save it to My Music or a Playlist so I could find it again.

Unlike a song or an album, however, you can’t just save a Radio station. What you can do, though, is find any Recently Played radio station.

Here’s how to do just that.

On iOS

Launch Apple Music and navigate to Radio along the bottom tabs. Find a station you want to listen to, either by tapping through to the station, then hitting the Play button, or just skipping that middle man and tapping right on the Play triangle in the preview on the main Radio page.

Next time you want to listen to that Recently Played radio station again, you don’t have to scroll through all the stations to find it. Simply look in the top row of the main Radio page to find the last three Radio stations you listened to. If you want to co further back, simply tap on the Recently Played button just above that row of three.

My Radio history goes all the way back to October of 2013, which suggests that Apple Music has been tracking my behavior for a while now. No matter, though, since I was kind of excited to rediscover my Warren Zevon and St. Vincent Radio stations from back then.


Make sure you're in the Music tab in iTunes.

Make sure you’re in the Music tab in iTunes.

I’m running El Capitan, so this should apply to anyone else doing the same. Launch iTunes with a click or two, then choose Music from the drop down menu to the left of the window, just above the featured scroll.

Next, click on the Radio button in the upper area of the iTunes window, just under the Beats 1 image. You’ll see the same basic layout: there’s a list of the last several Radio stations you’ve played (on any device) as well as a Recently Played button.

Those Country stations were a mistake; see what sacrifices I make for you?

Those Country stations were a mistake; see what sacrifices I make for you?

The number of Recently Played thumbnails you’ll see on OS X will vary with the size of your iTunes Window; if you want more up front there, make your window larger. Clicking the Recently Played link will show you thumbnails for all your recent stations in a big grid that you can scroll down to.

However you use this feature, now you can find that killer recently played Radio station you created (or had created for you by Apple) at your fingertips in no time.