How to Cheat at Pokemon Go By Spoofing Your Location (and Never Leaving the Couch!)

While many mistakes were made and continue to be made with the roll out of the mobile game Pokémon Go, you really have to hand it to Niantic and The Pokemon Company for getting 30 million Americans off their couches in just one week.

But what if you don’t want to get off of your couch? What if you want to pick up rare Pokemon without rushing to the ends of the earth? What if you live in the middle of nowhere and you still want to enjoy the spoils of four overlapping lured Pokéstops? There are ways to do this, but you must practice caution as overindulging will result in a soft ban from the Pokémon Go servers. Rumors are that if you get too many soft bans, your account will be hard banned.

What The Cheat Does

This particular cheat, PokemonGoMove, shows a web interface to view the locations of what Pokémon are currently spawned and the ability to spoof the location on an iPhone. This will make Pokémon Go think it’s somewhere that it isn’t.

Warnings aside, here’s what’s needed for this particular cheat:

What’s Needed:

– iPhone
Pokémon Go (duh)
– Pokémon Trainer Club (PTC) – A new account unique from the one used in the game.
– A MacOS computer
– Xcode
– Source files from: PokemonGoMove
– Lightning Cable
– Google Chrome Browser (works better for the web interface)

Step one is to follow the instructions on the PokemonGoMove Github page to install the three pieces of this hack: The Pokemon Location Map, the Controller web interface, and the location spoofing iPhone app. It can be a bit fiddly, so double check everything if it doesn’t work the first time.

Once everything is up and running, the web interface is going, the location spoofing app is installed, and Xcode is set to spoof the location, go to the web interface in Google Chrome and choose the starting location.

Here’s my favorite location, it has four overlapping Pokestops — almost always all lured. Enter “720-898 Beach St, San Francisco, CA 94109, USA” into the Option A or more precisely Latitude: 37.8066588 and Longitude: -122.42096760000001 in Option B boxes and hit Set.

Now fire up Pokémon Go on the connected iPhone and it should teleport to that location. Spin a Pokéstop to make sure that no ban has been enacted and away you go!

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 1.02.51 PM

Bonus up!

This is a good opportunity to use a lucky egg. If you’re catching lots of Pokémon and collecting from four Pokéstops, XP should pile up quickly.

Don’t Get Banned

Make sure to not change location too often. Don’t jump from one location to another one in less time that it takes to travel to that location.

If the account you are using gets soft banned, you will notice a couple of things. For one, spinning a Pokéstop will not result in any rewards or any errors. Second, every Pokémon capture attempted will result in a quick escape by the Pokémon. If this happens, exit out and wait a bit to try again. And be more careful.

Getting Stuck In A Location (Can be a good thing)

If you find a location you like, for example one that has overlapping Pokéstops or Gyms, you can stick to that fake location on your iPhone for a longer period of time. Simply disconnect the phone while Xcode is spoofing the location to have that location stick.

To un-stick the location, fire up Xcode again, run the location app from Xcode, and turn off the location spoofing in the Debug menu. If this doesn’t work, a restart of the iPhone will reset it to the current location and it will work normally from there on.

I’ve been stuck at that location listed above in San Francisco for three days now. Please note that doing this does stick the location for all apps on the device and even for Find My iPhone. Best practice is to turn this off when leaving the house.

Best of luck being the laziest Pokémon Go player — I think I have you beat, but feel free to try being lazier than me.