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4-in-1 Lenses from olloclip Will Make Your iPhone DSLR-worthy

The iPhone camera is fantastic, right? You can take all sorts of great photos with it, and a ton of us already do. But what happens when you want to zoom in optically or capture a larger area or group shot without using a selfie stick?

Attachable lenses are the answer, and olloclip has a track record of making really good ones. These latest 4-in-1 lenses from olloclip – made to work with the Otterbox Universe Case – are just fantastic.

I’ve been playing with these for a few weeks now, and you won’t believe how easy they are to use. Even better, they’re much harder to lose, as well.

High Quality Lenses

The lenses feel solid and high-end.

The lenses feel solid and high-end.

The lenses themselves scream quality and ingenious design. One lens functions as a wide angle, but twist off the outer part of it and it becomes a 10X macro lens. The other lens bends the world into a fisheye that lets you create all sorts of fun photos, and when you twist off the outer ring, the lens is a 15X macro. They’re crisp, clear, and will help you see all sorts of new ways to use your iPhone to make killer photos.

The wide angle lens widens things out to nearly double the field of view of the regular iPhone camera lens, while the fisheye lens gives an almost 180° view. The macros are amazing, letting you capture tiny details in fingerprints, blades of grass, or anything small that you want to see up close, like a microscope for your iPhone. The lens quality is amazing, too, as they’re made of high-quality, precision-coated ground glass.

Universal Attachment

Snaps right on - no muss or fuss.

Snaps right on – no muss or fuss.

You won’t need to buy a case that only works with the lenses. Otterbox’s Universe Case System is just that: a system for all sorts of attachments, like a battery pack, wallet, vent mount for your car, an onboard bluetooth speaker, and even a Square reader. The olloclip Lenses are made for this system, so you can use them without having to take your iPhone out of its case to get their clear benefit. You’ll also get two clear silicone lens caps to keep the dust out of the lenses when not in use.

There’s an Otterbox Universe Case for the iPhone 6/6s/7 and the iPhone 6/6s/7 Plus, so you’re covered no matter the size or generation of your favorite camera.

While most Universe accessories connect via a slot at the bottom rear of the case, the olloclip lenses clip onto the top of your iPhone in its case. Each lens is screwed onto either side of a black plastic clip. The lenses line up with the cameras on the front and back of your iPhone with a little slide.

This allows your rear-facing camera to have the fisheye lens and the front-facing selfie camera to have the wide angle lens on at the same time. Need that reversed, with the fisheye/15X macro on the front and the wide angle/10X macro on the rear? Simply slide the entire clip with lenses attached and flip it over, sliding it back on to your iPhone with ease. The system makes it chimp simple and utterly foolproof.

Never Lose Your Lenses

This might be my favorite feature.

This might be my favorite feature.

Finally, olloclip provides a masterstroke of design to make sure you never lose the lenses: a plastic clip (yellow or black to match your preference) that holds the lenses when they’re not on your iPhone. Better yet, the holder clip can be attached to a lanyard, also thoughtfully provided, to keep your lenses with you and accessible at any time. Brilliant!

These 4-in-1 lenses from olloclip are a pretty great deal over at Amazon for $$63.18, while the case will run you an affordable $44.95 and comes in black or “snowcapped” white/gray. Sure, this might seem a bit pricey all at once, but if you’ve already taken the plunge on the Otterbox, the lenses are an easy sell.

No matter what, if you want special effect lenses for your iPhone, these are the ones to grab. They’re a great addition to the Otterbox Universal system, produce some amazing results, and will stay with you even when not attached to your iPhone.