For those extreme green situations.

Rugged Vape Pen Will Keep You ‘Green’ in All Conditions

There’s nothing better than whipping out this Summit+ vaporizer pen and getting an extreme hit of the good life while enjoying the great outdoors – no matter where you are.

Whether you’re rocking some bit of clove herb for a quick pick-me-up at the end of a long hike through the canyons of Arizona or you’re packing legal marijuana while you kayak an extreme river, the Summit+ has got you covered.

Useful and sturdy

Right out of the box, you can tell the Summit+ from Vapium comes from a different mold from most vape pens. While many pens I’ve tried attempt to ape the form of the Pax 2, this one has a unique, signature look that will feel right at home in any pocket, whether you’re walking downtown with your buddies or cranking up a mountain path to the summit of some far off peak.

The Summit+ works well in a wide range of temperatures (0˚ – 176˚ F), and comes with a IP54 rating to keep out splashes and dust. The powerful rechargeable battery stays useful for several hits off the pen’s not-too-large-nor-small business end, which keeps covered with a nice, removable mouthpiece–a perfect feature for those who don’t want to share their lip germs with others; simply bring more than one cover.

Heating up

The heating area, or oven, fits plenty of herb in it for five or six serious pulls. Sure, we’d like a bit more space, but all current vaporizer pens have a smallish loading area. What makes the Summit+ great, here, though, is the way the magnetic door keeps the ground plant material inside at all times without crushing it further into the hole, like other comparable pens do. I’ve yet to have the door fall off, too, which is fantastic when I’m carrying in a pocket and don’t want to be brushing out spilled weed.

There’s a little integrated pick that helps you clean out the oven as well as stir your preferred substance when you’re vaping. There’ll be no more worries about what to use to re-pack or mix up your stash with this built right in. The Summit+ charges up quickly with micro USB, and comes with its own little dry bag to keep all the essentials (including the pen, if you like) dry and safe.

Setting the temperature and wait duration before it turns off for safety is easy with the onboard lights and buttons, and turning the Summit+ on for use is as simple as it comes–just hold down the large button until you feel a quick succession of vibrations, then wait for the light to turn green (natch). If you really want to get fancy, though, you can pair the Summit+ with your smartphone and use a free app to control the temperature, session time, and temperature boost.

Final call

Ultimately, this is the vaporizer pen I have with me the most; its rugged, rubberized design and simple usage has me hooked. I never have to remember how many power button presses I need to get it working (unlike other pens I’ve tried) and the secure magnetic door and integrated pick tool keeps everything I need right at hand. Cleaning and storing is super easy, though I’ve not had a problem with it getting clogged, yet.

If you’re in the market for an affordable vaporizer pen to keep with you no matter where you go, the Summit+ is a fantastic solution. You can pick one up for $150 at the Vapium website.