One of the most useful and good-looking backpacks I've ever seen.

STM’s 13-inch Trestle Bag is all kinds of useful and stylish

It’s almost as if the geniuses over at STM have thought of everything with this modern-looking tech backpack.

Called the Trestle, it’s got a slim profile that hugs your back when worn and fits just about anything you can think of for a day at the office, coffee shop, or outdoors.

Useful and good looking

There are more useful pockets in this bag than you’d imagine. You’ll keep your stuff organized and accessible, no matter what you put in the Trestle. In addition to the soft laptop sleeve in the rear of the interior (perfect for a 13-inch MacBook or iPad Pro with or without a case and smart keyboard), there’s a smaller pocket just in front of that which can hold a paperback book, your iPhone, and even a charger; the segmented elastic sewn to the front will hold your cables or just keep them out of the way if their being used to keep that iPad or iPhone charged in your backpack.

On the opposite side, there’s yet another pocket that’s useful for your various flatter gadgets like a portable gaming device or an iPad mini. The interior is also surprisingly large, tapering up from a voluminous bottom (cushioned, of course, to keep your cargo safe) that fits larger items, like a DSLR camera and extra lenses.

The front pocket is a wonder of design, as well, with a pocket sewn into four sections: one for that Moleskine notebook you insist on carrying around and then three pen pockets that can fit any width of writing instrument you’d like to keep track of. There’s also a zippered pouch in there that makes a nice home for passports, your wallet and cash, plus a rugged key holder that will keep those important bits of metal close and safe.

The top zippered pouch on the front of the Trestle is all kinds of useful. You can drop keys, iPhone, cash, or whatever you want in the little pocket and zip it up safely while having easy access to it any time.

There’s an elastic-topped water bottle holder on the left side of the Trestle, and a second zippered pocket of a similar size on the left. You’ll never be without a spot to put your stuff again.

Rugged and functional

The part that meets your back is both rigid and cushioned to keep your rides and hikes comfy, with air channels to keep your sweat to a minimum. The shoulder straps are nicely padded, as well, to make sure your shoulders are spared too much marking when you fill the Trestle full of heavy stuff. There’s even a chest strap to minimize movement, a key feature to stave off chafing.

All in all, the STM Trestle 13-inch backpack is a fantastically styled bag that will fit your tech or outdoor life organized in one up to date place. You’ll be proud to sport this lovely pack (in three different colors – camo, graphite, or navy) around town or on your day hikes without having to worry about looking ridiculous.

I highly recommend the Trestle 13-inch backpack, which retails for $119 on the STM website.