Small footprint, huge capability.

Get All Your Music Production Needs Met with this Sexy All-In-One

Whenever I’ve wanted to record my band during rehearsal, I’ve had to make a choice: go full professional studio, with a mixer, Mac, and a ton of peripherals, or go convenient with a simple digital recorder.

The former gives the resulting recording a much better quality but it takes ages to set up while taking up a ton of space in the rehearsal room. The latter option is super easy and convenient, but it’s tough to get a good sound mix.

Enter the Fi Station, an amazing-looking upcoming digital audio workstation built into a tiny little Android-powered box. I can totally see bringing this into the rehearsal room, plugging in a couple of outputs from our mixer, and then just jamming on new songs to create a fantastic demo.

Not only that, but the Fi Station brings high-quality audio and visual to any HDTV or current sound system (or headphones) with no muss or fuss. Check out this video for more:

Want one, now? I know I do, and starting at $299 on IndieGogo, this thing is a steal.

The Fi Station is basically an audio and video device that has high-end components in it to shield from typical audio noise that various typical components can bring to the recording or listening sessions.

Lookit all those connectors!

Lookit all those connectors!

The specs are pretty fantastic, too, with connectors for everything including XLR, HDMI, and RCA jacks, with both a quad-core CPU and GPU to push 4K video to your massive TV. The Audio specs handle conversion at ADC 24-bit and DAC 32-bit, with high-end sampling rates to boot. It’s a pro solution for consumer pricing. It’s also compatible with Mac OS X, Windows, iOS and Android (for remote control).

I can imagine pulling this sleek little tablet-based device out of my bag, doing a quick recording with the band, then taking it to my home to mix and listen through studio monitors or headset to make sure we have the best sound available to create a demo for club owners.

Stay tuned here to WOZiO for an upcoming review, once the device is available for a hands-on. For now, though, head on over to IndieGoGo and pledge your support for this slick-looking device.