Watch Prime Video offline with this easy tip.

How to Watch Prime Video Offline with a Kindle Fire Tablet

One of the coolest features of the $50 Kindle Fire tablet that I own is the ability to watch Prime video offline with a quick download. You won’t get that from Netflix on any device.

It takes a bit of searching around to find out how to make this happen, so I figured it would be a good thing to share the steps to watch Prime Video offline here.

You’ll need a Kindle Fire tablet of some sort (I’ve only tested this on the low-end Fire 7-inch tablet), an internet connection (Wi-Fi if you’ve got the same tablet I have), and a Prime Membership, which gets you the Prime Video in the first place.

Just a few taps to offline Prime Video

Just a few taps to offline Prime Video

First up, from your Fire home screen, swipe over to VIDEO. Then, tap on the STORE icon in the upper right (it looks like a little shopping cart).

Once there, you’ll want to tap the Included with Prime button to reach all the free videos that come with your Prime membership. Pick a video from the resulting list and tap through to the video page. If you want to search for a specific Prime Video, use the Search icon in the upper right; it looks like a magnifying glass.

Download for later, offline viewing.

Download for later, offline viewing.

Once you’ve pulled up a Prime Video, you’ll see two main options: Watch Now, which is what you typically do with the streaming service, or Download. Tap the latter to start the process of getting the video to your Kindle Fire.

You can Pause the download with a tap here, as well, once it’s started. You can tap the Resume button when you’re ready to start pulling the video down to your device.

Tapping the Download Options button will let you Pause the download (which is kind of redundant, to be honest), change the quality of the video you’re downloading (which is good if you want it to go faster or, alternately, have a better HD experience when you watch your Prime Video offline. You can also cancel the download here, as well.

Manage the videos you've downloaded to your Kindle Fire

Manage the videos you’ve downloaded to your Kindle Fire

Finally, when your video is all downloaded, all you need to do to access it is to go to the video’s page again in the Amazon store and tap the RESUME or START OVER buttons. You can also add any video to your Watchlist to find it easily again.

When your Kindle fills up (and it might, even with a big SD card inside it), you can tap the Delete Download button to free up the space.

Now you’re ready to start downloading videos to be able to watch Prime Video offline — on the plane, in the doctor’s office, wherever there’s no Wi-Fi. Huzzah!