what is wozio?

WOZiO what?

What’s this, then?

What a weird little name. Sounds vaguely web 2.0. Maybe.

WOZiO is an attempt to bring a little smarts into the review world. We’ll take a look at gadgets for home, life, and the car. We’ll review video games and toys, too, because too much seriousness can affect things. We’ll let you know what’s worth your time.

As we go along, we’ll try to put some reviews together, maybe see which gadget is the best in each category. We’ll run the numbers so you don’t have to.

We’re even planning some killer how-tos for your learning pleasure — stay tuned!

Yes, we’re new — but isn’t everyone at some point? We’ve got the experience to sift through a variety of widgets and wodgets (no, that’s not a real word) and keep our wordiness at an effectively low volume.

Because the world is full of crap, and we want you to find the best stuff out there. You don’t need us to blather on while we help you do so, though.

So remember: WOZiO – silly name, serious reviews.

Let us know what you think.